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ASTC 2022 Annual Conference (September 12-15, 2022)

The Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Annual Conference is one of the premier annual events for science-engagement professionals across North America and around the world. Each year, this event brings together thousands of science and technology center and museum and allied professionals working in science communication, STEM learning, and the broader intersections between science, technology, and society. 

The theme for the ASTC 2022 Annual Conference is Traversing Tomorrow Together. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic with a refined vision of the future, we will come together to chart a path forward for our own organizations, our communities, and our world. We encourage you to look toward where we are going, not just where we have been.

This year’s conference will be held September 12-15, 2022, with Preconference Intensives on September 11, 2022. We will meet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city that has reinvented itself as a hub for science and technology, creativity, and culture. Pittsburgh is a national—and international—model for how communities can leverage science, technology, and education—through world-class research institutions, entrepreneurship, private-sector innovation, evidence-based policymaking, and a vibrant learning ecosystem that spans schools, community organizations, and cultural institutions that support engagement among all people in the community.

ASTC 2022 will be co-hosted by the Carnegie Science Center and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and its MuseumLab.

Community Science Webinars

NISE Network Online Workshop (February 15, 2022)

Increasing Community Resilience to Extreme Weather and Environmental Hazards: The Citizen Science, Civics, and Resilient Communities Project

The Citizen Science, Civics, and Resilient Communities (CSCRC) Project aims to engage the public in active learning and resilience planning around heat waves, sea level rise, extreme precipitation, and drought. Throughout 2021, participating science centers from across the US organized and implemented science-to-civics campaigns in their communities with the goal of increasing resilience to extreme weather and environmental hazards through citizen-created data, local knowledge, and community values. Participants in this online workshop will hear from the CSCRC project team at the Museum of Science, Boston and SciStarter about the outcomes of this NOAA-funded work, as well as from select NISE Network partners who participated in the project and learn about ways you too can engage your communities in this programming.

Fellowship Opportunities in Community Science

ASTC Community Science Dialogue and Deliberation Fellowship Program

Status: Ongoing cohort.

ASTC is proud to launch a pilot fellowship program to nurture a corps of 10 science engagement professionals—based in ASTC-member science and technology centers and museums—to implement a dialogue and deliberation event in their community, alongside a community partner. This 12-month cohort-based training program will allow Fellows to develop skills in working collaboratively with their community partner at the intersection of science, technology, society, and policy, with a focus on using deliberation- and dialogue-based methods. Learn more about the current cohort.

ASTC Thriving Earth Exchange Fellowship Program

Status: Ongoing cohort; new opportunity opening in 2022

In partnership with the American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) program and the American Meteorological Society (AMS), ASTC sponsors a collaborative opportunity for staff at ASTC-member museums in the United States to receive training on the TEX model and work with a community partner and an AGU or AMS scientist to advance the community’s priorities. Learn more about the current cohort.