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Community Science Framework

ASTC’s community science framework can help science engagement practitioners and leaders better understand the diverse models and approaches to community science that are currently in use. By developing a framework of attributes and potential outcomes—and documenting exemplary models—we hope to provide a guiding light and concrete strategies for practitioners and leaders to build on as they adopt and adapt community science locally. We also hope that this provides a vision for what can be funded, evaluated, replicated, and scaled.

Attributes and Outcomes in Community Science

Our framework describes the attributes and outcomes that are often present in community science work. These attributes and outcomes are not intended as a checklist and a community science program does not need to exhibit all of the attributes and outcomes.

This framework of community science attributes and outcomes is informed by a review of existing models, approaches, and toolkits aimed at scientists, science engagement professionals, community organizers, practitioners, and researchers. These principles were refined through interviews and workshops with science engagement professionals who supplied further examples of community science work in action.

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